Makronisi is famous for the underwater cave that leads to a bigger one which looks almost like a blue lagoon. For the fans of adventure, it’s an ideal spot for high diving, snorkeling and climbing on the rocks of the islands.


Aspronisia is a complex of 2 rocky islets in the East of the island of Leipsoi. High rocks (from slate and shale), combined with beaches of big white and sleek pebbles, are creating a shallow pass in between the 2 main islets with waters of a characteristic turquoise colour.


The island’s most famous beach. The truth is that it became known not so much for the beach as because of its clear blue water


You can discover a different world at the quiet island of Arki with its suntrap port. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the small beach near the port, and the perfect service at the nearby tavernas. Walk around the traditional houses and churches.

It is a well-kept secret, a buried hidden treasure and a hideaway escape in the aegean waiting for you to discover it.


Marathi is situated at the south west of Arki island. Moments of pleasure and relaxation are waiting for you at its blue waters in the unique beach of the island.

Psili Ammos

Psili Ammos is considered as the most beautiful beach in Patmos. It is isolated, exotic, with pure golden sand and crystaline blue-azur waters.